TEAM TIBET – Home away from Home

He lost his parDSCN5345ents, his language, and his country, but not his passion for what it means to be Tibetan and to remain openhearted.

TEAM TIBET – Home away from Home reveals the inspirational life of Thuten Kesang QSM, New Zealand’s first Tibetan refugee.  It symbolizes a universal story of the positive potential of every individual to effect change through non-violence and to engender hope through understanding.  

AWARD/FESTIVAL NEWSTEAM TIBET has garnered some additional awards!

  • 2018 Bronze Palm Award – Mexico International Film Festival & Awards
  • Official Finalist – Honolulu Film Awards 2018
  • Award of Distinction –  2017 Humanitarian Award, The IndieFEST Film Awards, USA


Please watch this space for more updates…

WORLD PREMIERE:  New Zealand International Film Festival






7 thoughts on “TEAM TIBET – Home away from Home

  1. Congratulations on the New Zealand International Film Festival. A really good film fest here in Canada is Hot Docs in Toronto. It is held in late April every year. I would love to see it in Canada!

    • Kia ora Ted

      Somehow I’ve only now received your message (some issues with website). My dear friend and star of TEAM TIBET – Home away from Home, Thuten Kesang QSM has sadly just passed away in Auckland… In case there is still some interest to screen our film in Motueka please let me know and we can discuss. (Any proceeds to go to to the charity of Thuten la’s choice). Kind regards, Robin

  2. Given Thuten’s unfortunate passing. I,(and I’m sure many others), would love to see this available online. Any chance this can happen? Pay for view is fine!

    • Hello Bruce. Thank you for your message. Condolences to you on the passing our friend Thuten la. We’ll be looking into making the film available online. Meanwhile we do have DVDs/Blu-rays available. If you’d like an Order Form please let me know your email address and I’ll forward this to you. Kind regards, Robin

      • Hi Robin please send me an order film for a dvd copy of your film.
        I was fortunate to know Thuten as his business was in the same industrial park as my workplace. I didn’t have a lot to do with him but he always struck me as a man with a warm heart and love of life. I knew a little of his journey to New Zealand but am keen to hear more the story.

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